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21 million in Pakistan don’t have access to clean water

The water quality in Punjab degrades considerably, especially in areas without proper sanitation or filtration. In the bustling city of Lahore with over 5 million inhabitants, it is estimated that almost half of the population lives without access to safe drinking water. Polluted water creating many deadly diseases.

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Questions / Answers

What is the process to be a part of ICF?

To be a part of ICF, you can contact us at by writing to us at the address of our office, or writing a mail at the specified email address. You can also call us or drop a text at the provided phone number.

What types of project work can I request?

ICF mainly deals in poverty-stricken and needy humanity. If you see any such people, you can contact us and provide details about that. We will then investigate the matter on our behalf and will let you know if the matter is eligible to be made a project.

What information do I need for the ICF application?

You will need to provide us your full name, your contact number, CNIC number, a photocopy of CNIC, and other mentioned documents.

Where will you send the collected fund?

We don’t send the donations and funds anywhere. We utilize the funds on our own to help the needy. We don’t give away cash, but we purchase and provide them with what they need.

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