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About Us

ICF aims to help the poverty-stricken humanity who can't fulfill their basic needs, set alone the luxuries of life. Our main targets are the hunger-stricken, plague-affected, catastrophe-affected, women education and other such needy humanity. We also help the families who can't afford to arrange a marriage ceremony for their daughters. ICF arrange gifts and financial helps for them to get this sacred cause done.

ICF relies on donations from helpful people who feel that humanity is suffering, and they should do something about it. You might be one of them too. The donations go through a pure and reliable process to be used to serve humanity. We guarantee you that your donations are only used for the causes that you agree upon.

ICF was founded by Mr. Abubakar Iqbal (President) and his co-founding companions who all fight against harsh realities of the society. The aim ICF persue is to provide food, shelter and education to every child and ICF provides opportunities to individuals who qualify TSDEG Standards and help them get employed.

In past few years ICF has joined hands with many reputable organizations and is training individuals to get employed and earn respectfully.

Message Of Co-Founder

"I feel the pain of those searching for shelter,trying to keep there children warm, waiting for a miracle to happen. Man or women,every one has equal rights and ICF swores to protect them.All they need is a little push, some one to direct them towards the right path.I want to make child a self made person. Join ICF to turn there never happening miracle into a reality and make every child an educated well reputed person of the society"


"To provide food, shelter and education to every person who can become a respectable member of society."


" To be there for every person who seeks education, food, shelter. "

We have been working for the suppressed and needy humanity in shapes of finance, food and shelter, refugee camps, plague affected areas, needy education plans and more.

Come work with us as volunteer if you share our vision of lending a hand to help out the ones in need. We offer you to use our platform and help the stricken people to put a smile on their faces.

ICF is trusted worldwide for our pure and reliable donation system. We are trusted to utilize the donations only and only for the just causes as our donors are invited to themselves see their donations being used.

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Questions / Answers

What is the process to be a part of ICF?

To be a part of ICF, you can contact us at by writing to us at the address of our office, or writing a mail at the specified email address. You can also call us or drop a text at the provided phone number.

What types of project work can I request?

What information do I need for the ICF application?

You will need to provide us your full name, your contact number, CNIC number, a photocopy of CNIC, and other mentioned documents.

Where will you send the collected fund?

We don’t send the donations and funds anywhere. We utilize the funds on our own to help the needy. We don’t give away cash, but we purchase and provide them with what they need.


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