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Welcome to Incentive Care Foundation

Our is dream working for people and make a difference in their lives. Join us and make this world a better place by using your expertise and compassion. Incentive Care Foundation offers a number of volunteer opportunities to anyone who wants to work for humanity.People from all walks of life can join our organization and save the lives of those who are less fortunate

Support People

Be Good to People

Our main motivation is to support and protect people from what is eating them inside out. We aim to provide financial help to those who are needy.

Save Catastrophes

Live and Let Live

Catastrophes, be they natural or not, are one of the worst things that may happen to humanity. ICF aims to be the ones needed when a catastrophe strikes and help all those people.

Protect Our Planet

Stop Destroying Our Planet

The earth is our home, and we are the humans destroying it. However, we want to be among those who are trying to preserve and protect nature for our future generations.

About Our Incentive Care Founadtion

What We Do

ICF aims to help the poverty-stricken humanity who can't fulfill their basic needs, set alone the luxuries of life. Our main targets are the hunger-stricken, plague-affected, catastrophe-affected, women education and other such needy humanity. We also help the families who can't afford to arrange a marriage ceremony for their daughters. ICF arranges gifts and financial helps for them to get this sacred cause done.

How It Works

ICF relies on donations from helpful people who feel that humanity is suffering, and they should do something about it. You can be one of them too. The donations go through a pure and reliable process to be then used to serve humanity. We guarantee you that your donations are only used for the causes that you agree upon.

ICF was founded by Mr. Abubakar Iqbal (President) and his co-founding companions who all fight against harsh realities of the society. The aim ICF persue is to provide food, shelter and education to every child and along this ICF provides opportunities to individuals who qualify TSDEG Standards and help them get employed.

In past few years ICF has joined hands with many reputable organizations and is training individuals to get employed and earn respectfully.

Urgent Cause

Lend a hand to us

Incentive Care Foundation relies on donations from you, the people to carry out our operations to help the humanity when needed. So lend a hand and help those who need you.


Encourage girls education

ICF firmly believe in women equality and we believe that women of a country should be educated as boys. ICF funds education for talented girls who can't afford education.


Our fight against Plagues

Plagues are a big threat to humanity which need to be stopped as soon as possible, and ICF is passionate towards this cause in help for humanity.


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When you bring together those who have, with those who have not - miracles happen.Become a time hero by volunteering with us. Meet new friends, gain new skills, get happiness and have fun!


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