Incentive Care Foundation

ICF was founded by Mr. Abubakar Iqbal (President) and his co-founding companions who all fight against harsh realities of the society. The aim ICF persue is to provide food, shelter and education to every child and ICF provides opportunities to individuals who qualify TSDEG Standards and help them get employed.

In past few years ICF has joined hands with many reputable organizations and is training individuals to get employed and earn respectfully.

ICF aims to help the poverty-stricken humanity who can’t fulfill their basic needs, set alone the luxuries of life. Our main targets are the hunger-stricken, plague-affected, catastrophe-affected, women education and other such needy humanity.
We also help the families who can’t afford to arrange a marriage ceremony for their daughters.
ICF arrange gifts and financial helps for them to get this sacred cause done.